Wednesday, 30 March 2011

where aging rockers still rock

Went for business lunch* at a kind of blues bar just around the corner from the Lenin Library. As we entered everyone else but me let out a quiet hiss of amazement. The person idly strumming his guitar on stage turned out to be very famous, Andrey Vadimovich Makarevich,  a pioneer of Soviet rock music with a band called Mashina Vremeni/Time Machine, founded in 1969 and the only rock band from period still going. Very impressed since playing Beatles-influenced rock music in the Soviet Union was never going to be a soft option. 

Turns out Time Machine are playing a 40th anniversary gig in Toronto in April 2011, if you happen to be in Canada...

* Business lunch/Бизнес ланч: a term now part of the Russian language, and meaning basic variations on soup, salad and main priced at around 250 roubles or 5 quid. Always worth checking out - the business lunch in this bar, the Roadhouse, was basic, filling and tasty.

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