Wednesday, 2 March 2011

market time

Went to Cheap Sunday last weekend (which, confusingly, was on Saturday). Just like London, the many redundant factory buildings in Moscow are busy being converted into alternative arts venues and hosting miscellaneous 'pop-up' events - this one a fashion market. Cut-price designer labels, cheap mass-produced jeans and young designers making their own clothes and accessories mainly. I still can't get used to fashion here; too much of the very tight jeans (men and women), extreme high heels (women) and pointy-toed shoes (men), together with lots of fur, shiny fabrics and things that glitter.

I know I am being unfair - people are probably to close to a recent history of not having stuff to want to dress down in that insouciant way you see in many other European cities - but I just cannot get used to how starched, stiff and self-consciously posed most 'fashionable people' look. 

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