Sunday, 20 March 2011

My hunt for local food markets has also taken a decided turn for the better, partly because with the weather improving more places are opening up. I found this one - near Rimskaya metro - entirely by mistake.

I was actually looking for a flea market in Shkolnaya Street - which is famous enough to get its own page on Wikipedia. It is a heritage protection area, a street of 19th century row houses and what were coaching inns now pedestrianised - like the much more famous Arbat - and with massive Khrushchev-period tower blocks looming behind. The story goes that the plan to attract more shoppers and tourists was unsuccessful, and so instead permission was given to host a flea market. Whilst the Arbat has become - to my mind - a boring tourist trap, Shkolnaya Street remains an ordinary, if slightly artificial because neatly decorated, Moscow street.

There was no sign of  the flea market on the Saturday I went, just a few food and clothes stalls  - like the pickles van above - but an interesting walk all the same. 

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  1. Go on Friday - morning or early afternoon is best, I think. I wouldn't exactly call it a flea market, but there are a handful of vendors selling miscellaneous items, as well a good number of people selling foodstuffs.
    As for the street itself, I love the contrast between the huge Soviet apartment blocks and the small two story colorful houses!