Sunday, 6 March 2011

on observing

So, then I found myself out of the metro and in Red Square in the sun, just watching the people go by. And on the corner between GUM and St Basils I saw a steady flow of a particular type of man. Out they jumped one after another from their chauffeur-driven shiny black Audi or BMW or Mercedes - some watched over by a bodyguard - so as to take a brisk walk across the square and into the Kremlin. And rather like the English City gent, they were all dressed identically. Black-leather  flat caps, three-quarter length black leather jackets (with the fur on the inside and around the neck), suits of a shiny dark material. And black pointed shoes.

In fact, I don't know why I have never noticed the hordes of expensive black cars parked, waiting, on this corner. And it is not suspicious at all, just some guys going to work.

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