Friday, 7 May 2010

on new architecture

Contemporary Moscow has taken both post-modernist architecture and what has been called capitalist realism to its ample, chaotic, sometimes ugly, and often corrupt, bosom. I have been resisting showing examples of this work, which takes its references from surface style rather than substance, and is as happy to plastic coat re-versioned Stalinist skyscrapers and giant baroque Faberge eggs as it is to stick a new Tatlin's tower atop a roofline or throw extra classical columns at any large piece of glass facade.

However, my collection of architectural photographs seems to keep expanding, so I have decided it is time to start sharing.

(I note that capitalism realism is also the title of a new book by Mark Fisher, who uses it to describe contemporary Britain. On the day the UK elections produced a hung parliament, it seems an appropriate read.)

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