Sunday, 16 May 2010

10-of-the-best 7: Gorky's House

Got taken to what is usually called the Gorky House Museum in tourist guides. And it is fab. A brilliantly gorgeous example of Russian art nouveau architecture (Russian modern) by Fyodor Shekhtel, who should be just as well known as Charles Reenie Mackintosh, Antonio Gaudi, Hector Guimard and all the rest.

The building is also known as the Ryabushinsky Mansion - the original clients - who were themselves a very interesting turn-of-the century family. Then that 'restless man' Maxim Gorky lived there from 1931 to 1936, a reward from Stalin for returning to the Soviet Union.

Meanwhile Fyodor Shekhtel fell out of favour after the Revolution - Art Nouveau was despised by Soviet critics of the period. Many of his Moscow mansions were leased to foreign embassies, so were (and are) inaccessible to visitors. But there is still a lot of Art Nouveau in Moscow, and this small house one of the most beautiful examples.

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  1. Extraordinary, amazing, you are right to say that Shekhtel has to be compared to Gaudi and others.