Saturday, 1 May 2010

more food preferences

One of the things I love about Russia is how seriously they take their mushrooms. You can buy many varieties fresh, dried, in glass jars and frozen. There is also a pretty good 'standard' mushroom and potato salad. But now I have discovered a great ready-made chips-and-mushrooms mix which may not look that exciting but smells and tastes gorgeous. Recommended.


  1. It'll be much more gorgeous if you add smetana (sour cream) to it. Recommended.

  2. that is a brilliant idea - is that a usual (aka russian) thing?

  3. It's very usual combination in russian and ukrainian cuisine and there are a variety of recipes. You can serve smetana as a cold sauce or cook chips-and-mushrooms mix until almost ready, add smetana and stew until ready if you like. Delicious.

    Btw, thanx for you blogging. It's very interesting to look itself from the side.