Monday, 29 March 2010

stuck again!

Getting increasingly incapable at tasks that require manual dexterity, for example to do with keys and bottles and things (well, actually I have always been pretty bad...)

So, although a previous blog post posed a similar problem to do with champagne corks, I have to ask again - can anyone please tell me how to get the tops off either of these containers?

The (red caviar) jar seems jammed and the (black caviar) metal lid seems impenetrable to all my stabbings and twistings. I buy caviar as a treat as I actually like it, so this inaccessibility is driving me crazy!

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  1. Hi Accidental Moscovite,

    Your unrealistic wish to open what you purchase rings a bell with me. I just survived an internet exchange, starting on wiseGeek and continuing on Facebook about plastic corks.

    I use a bottle opener to get at the caviar, prying a little all around the top. Then continue around and try to break the airtight seal at some point. Voila! Put the Hren... hot radish... in front of a child and after a while it will be magically opened.

    I placed Moscow on the line on our Favorite Russia Blogs list, part of American Russia Observations. Please email me.

    All the best,