Monday, 29 March 2010

the metro bombs

Am getting emails and texts from around the world about the bomb attacks on the Metro here this morning, which is a weird way to find out about something on my doorstep. I live close to Lubyanka (pictured) where one of the explosions happened. It is where the KGB - now called the FSB - have their headquarters, but who knows if this is connected.

Missed everything because I am towards the end of a big writing project which means hardly leaving my building except to go to work (and I don't work on Mondays). We did wonder why there were so many police around yesterday, but again who knows if that is connected.

Hope my colleagues and friends are okay......


  1. I thought i already posted a comment - but seems not to have appeared - just wanted to thank you for posting this info re the Metro bombs - we were wondering about you - glad your ok xx

  2. I'm fine, and everyone else too. So now all I need is for you and Peter to solve my caviar jar problem! xx