Wednesday, 31 March 2010

city bingo

Been talking about the idea of 'City Bingo' where you collect photos of the most resonant - but not ubiquitous, obvious or stereotypical (since that would be too easy) - aspects of a place.

So, what would that be in Moscow? We thought of stray dogs using the underpasses and traveling on the metros; huge banked-up piles of ginger with your sushi; disabled stickers in the most unbelievable (inaccessible) spots; broken drainpipes; terrible, post-modern 'style' architecture; dogs wearing ridiculous winter outfits; the rather beautiful random and abstract paintings-out of graffiti; completely derelict cars still on the road; classical statues leering down; posters for rock concerts by ancient celebs; pictures of Medvedev and Putin on everything (no, that won't work, those really are everywhere)...

And then, we tried to do the same for London and got stuck really quickly.

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