Monday, 8 February 2010

More on a beautiful city

We have had several days here of beautiful bright weather, clear skies, and crisp cold air. So, I will take the opportunity to wax lyrical again about what a lovely city this is, and use it as an excuse to show another picture illustrating the rich range of colours it offers - ochres, oranges, salmon pinks, mint greens and strong pale blues.

Of course, this is partly because I have been stuck indoors with a cough and have spent those days gazing out of the window and sighing (which means I haven't actually been out so see just how freezing it is!)

Vladimir likes to say that the weather represents the problems of Russia; then you can never have everything - it is either very bright but too cold, or warmer but overcast. I think that means I must be an optimist. On days like today, I just fall in love with the place all over again.

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