Thursday, 4 February 2010

Don't mention the snow...

Trying very hard not to mention snow too much. But continue to be bemused by, on the one hand, how industrially efficient Moscovites are at getting rid of the snow; and, on the other, the inconsistencies of what gets cleared and what not. I may have mentioned that my street seems to be particularly a venue for snow trucks, bulldozers and shovelling etc., with the pavements and road often scraped clean to within an inch of its life (and often in the middle of the night). Meanwhile, in the next street over, business men in their fur hats and black coats sweat as they desperately attempt to dig their cars out the morning after a new snowfall.

I have mentioned this to some of my Russian colleagues, suggesting possible explanations - some functional, some more to do with palms being greased - but they just smile and do that 'stuff happens, who knows why' shrug with their shoulders.

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