Sunday, 14 February 2010

Dairy product of the week 1

Rather than ignoring the huge and confusing range of what are (to my palette) a limited array of pallid and tasteless milk products enjoyed here, I have decided to work my way through each one, with the aim of experiencing their best qualities.

Stupidly started with condensed milk to which - with expresso added - I have already become addicted. And maybe invented a new drink? And am going to get very fat....


  1. I became addicted to condensed milk when my mother used to make cocoa with it on camping holidays . I use it now with instant coffee cause I don't drink milk. It's absolutely delicious - especially that last little drop which is ever so sweet. Try instant coffee, condensed milk and an egg yolk whipped up in it - will boost your immune system no end!

  2. Have you tried the ice cream? I didn't get a chance when I was visiting, but I have read that it is very good.