Thursday, 4 February 2010

A little tiff

Woke up today to an explosion of notes stuck to various surfaces in the communal hallway. Luckily I have a friend staying who could translate the problem(s); all to do with what is clearly considered a public affront, namely grimy footprints dragged in from the snow outside and not wiped up promptly enough. Some blame seemed to be aimed at a mysterious 'man in red coat with dog', although I have a feeling some of it was also to do with me. This is because my winter boots do seem to leak a lot of black wet slush. Of course it may be that I am a bit paranoid. It is just me that has cleaners wiping away behind with a mop and bucket as I walk cross any public tiled surface?

Haven't even dared to re-visit the nailbar where I was the only customer and was made to walk from one end of a white shiny pristine floor to the other, with just such a cleaning operation following at my heels; followed by a long, long wait with a mop and bucket just nearby as my nails slowly dried and an increasingly large pool of dirty water formed around my feet.

Well, social embarrassment works as well on me as the next person, so we cleaned the floor and the notices have been taken down. Except this one, just to remind us all of the importance of taking off our outer footwear, before entry.

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