Sunday, 8 July 2012

.....ways I will never be Russian

1. Bundling up before going out - whilst still inside -  in the whole kit, boots, coat, scarf, gloves, hat, even just to go outside for two minutes. Not stripping off any of these layers, even on the metro which is like an oven, in order to keep as much of your own body heat in as possible.
2. Remembering to take off one's shoes when visiting someone's flat, and working out when to wear slippers or not.
3. Having a fatalistic response to even the most outrageous behaviour (whether everyday or political) 
4. Having the most amazing sense of humour based on a mixture of self-deprecation, poetry, anarchy and - sometimes - just outright weirdness
5. Being able to live somewhere where there is not even the slightest idea of the importance of health and safety (or sustainability or any of those other generally shared public values )
6. Understanding that the role of the state is not to be there to make people's lives better, but to  defend the security of the state, by whatever means. 

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