Sunday, 8 July 2012

.....ways I have become a little more Russian

1. I am (a little) more direct in my speech, and much more aware of how confusingly vague English people are in their talk
2. I have an increased preference for silence over swarmy and mainly meaningless conversation-filling chatter
3. I say Oy when I bump myself, and cannot remember what noise English people use.
4. I walk more like a Russian in the winter, that is to say, incredibly fast, although I cannot yet manage that stiff legged, no knee bending gait. (I am also a bit confused that Muscovites seem to have a much slower summer strolling speed, would like clarification on this).
5. I have become addicted to compote making, brewing up my own tepid berry juice rather than buying it from the shop in a box.  
6. I like the cold. Especially crisp snow and brilliant blue skies. (Actually this is probably quite un-Russian as all the Muscovites I know complain bitterly about the winter).
7. I want a (old fashioned) dacha, which is truly a proper way to live, especially when you spend the week in a city which is endlessly difficult.
8. I am fed up by how much English people fail to realise just how privileged we are to live under the rule of law, and instead complain endlessly about being hard done by.
9. I have always like vodka, but now I like it a lot.
10. I don't trust the banks anymore.

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  1. About 4: Russian really walk much slower summer. Because winter weather encourages reach the house /car/subway as quickly as possible. But summer is not forced to hurry.
    About 6: russians love cold, just not recognized. They also like to be regretted. For me as a russian more comfortable in the cold than to sweat in the heat. When you are too hot, you can not strip more, remove the skin. When you are cold, you can always dress better.