Saturday, 5 February 2011

10-of-the-best 9: Museum of Architecture

Finally found my way to the Schusev State Museum of Architecture today - a brilliantly tumbledown and miscellaneous, artifact-filled set of buildings (an old aristocratic estate) just next to Biblioteka Lenina metro station. For those interested in the subject there is a stunning exhibition of architectural drawings and photographs of 1930s Stalin-approved projects by the State architecture department Mosproekt -1 (finishes 10 February 2011); some conceptual work from, I think, architectural students; and then a show of photographs in what is rightly called 'the ruined annexe' where the temperature inside was colder than outside, but the space is extraordinary.

Like many provincial English museums, the place is staffed by old ladies, all of whom were extremely helpful. I recommend a visit, if only to see the (unfortunately rather picturesque) effects of underfunding of museums like this in Post-Soviet Russia.

For Soviet/Russian architectural groupies, the museum also has virtual exhibitions

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