Wednesday, 9 February 2011

a bit of gossip

So, got the latest gossip at Garage Centre for Contemporary Art. Everyone knows that Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova - who currently run Garage - have just bought themselves an island off St Petersburg called New Holland and are planning to build an art museum, hotel, retail, etc., etc., there. So, the question for Moscow is, what happens to гараж? We have already seen that the most recent shows are touring ones, indicating a little losing of interest...

Well, it turns out that Daria said just this Saturday that they will keep the place for a year or two and then move to another Moscow location. This is because the existing space, a conversion of Melnikov's famous - and fabulous - constructivist bus garage is only rented. All of it, including the art collecting and the football club, revealing a way of operating beyond the ken of ordinary (non-billionaire) minds.

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  1. Hello. Im russian and its very interesting to read your blog. Its like to see my country in mirror)
    And as far as i know гараж will move набережную Тараса Шевченко. But i love this place very much...

    By the way Im student and planning to learn design in Europe. (I wrote that, because maybe you are interested who is reading you)

    Never thought that people from Europe or USA still come to Russia with exhibition organization and almost live here. If i were you, i'll be afraid to live here;)

    Do you speak russian?