Monday, 29 November 2010

what are they??

I realise that this blog has currently deteriorated into stuff mainly about the weather or food, but my excuse is that I am just incredibly busy at work, and that these subjects concern me a lot.

So, I need help here. I am pretty certain the red things are berberis berries (these have a very delicate white speckled pattern and taste like sour pomegranate seeds) - but what are the green ones on the left? I was at the market with M, who said something about grating them (I am truly sorry for not listening properly) or cutting up and scooping out the fruit. They taste as if a lime and a pear have mated.

Which is a good taste.


  1. My Russian wife buys these фейхоа to help keep us healthy during the winter months. She puts them through the hand crank мясорубка(grinder) with a good amount of sugar for preservation and sweetness. Or, you can just slice them and eat them fresh.

  2. That is really useful to know - excuse me being stupid, but does she mash them up, skins and all?

  3. Could be feijoa - is the inside white?

    They can be eaten whole, the skin is slightly bitter but tasty. I can remember having feijoa jam, chutney and tarts made with the whole fruit.