Wednesday, 17 November 2010

dairy product of the week: 5

After some delay I have finally got around to trying out a new Russian diary product - Ryazhenka, which is like a yoghurt drink. This was kindly given to me by U and O, as a healthy thing post-operation. (I have also been given Kefir, which I don't dislike, but get no enjoyment whatsoever from drinking).

So, I was pleasantly surprised. Its quite nice.


  1. HI, I have a growing interest in visiting Moscow and your blog is totally fueling it up!
    Can I request something from you? If it's not too much I'd like a post with pictures about the Kino Moskva!
    Congratulations for your blog!


  2. I've been lurking your blog for a while, and hence this series of posts. You have now got to my favourite Russian milk based product.

    Of course, I add sugar.

  3. Really like your blog Solnushka (laughed like a drain at your description of Moscow crowd behaviour). Also need all advice I can get on selecting from Russian milk-based items....

    And Tito; bit left-field that, do you mean the Kino Moskva in Yerevan, Armenia? Or just russian cinema more generally?!

    Anyway, just glad someone reads this sometimes...

  4. We used this product like it was buttermilk . . . made the BEST pancakes with it.

  5. I am so going to do that, i love pancakes!