Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dairy product of the week 4

In an attempt to beat my addiction to condensed milk with expresso (and it is definitely that way around!) I recently bought some Toplyonoye moloko (baked milk). This was following the advice of the Moscow Times and its "best 15 milk products" article, already mentioned on this blog. The author said he preferred both the taste and the lower calorie content to condensed milk - since without additional sugar - of Toplyonoye milk. It is produced by simmering milk on a low heat for more than eight hours, making it a beige colour.

Well, I have to absolutely disagree. What it is, is UHT milk by another name - but browner looking - boiled stale and tasting like just what it is, milk ruined just so it can last longer outside the fridge. Horrible.

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