Sunday, 23 October 2011

can't believe it!

Can't believe it! I have been using a very cheap compact camera to take photographs for this blog (it is a rule of mine not to use anything more fancy) and have only just noticed - after having this one for over a year - that it takes panoramic pictures by stitching 3 images together. Well, I just thought it did one of those stretched image size things so have never checked it out... and then found out by accident whilst wandering home via Metro - hence not a brilliant example.

 So - now I have to decide if photos like these are within my blog-photo-rules or outside of them....  


  1. Oh, within the rules ! - I like your wide perspective on things

  2. Now, not sure I agree - feels like a kind of trickery! And I don't want to get obsessed with making panoramas of everything. More importantly, I seem to have lost my camera....hope I just left it in London....