Sunday, 25 September 2011


I realise that I have been quite grumpy since I got back to Moscow. In fact, my best friend G recently noted a longer term trend; that whilst the first volume of A Year in Moscow was positively funny, this quality has been much reduced in the second.

So I am aiming to make this the last complaining post, at least for a while. It's just that I had to fly back to London from Domodedovo (pretty much just for a day). And for the first time, our departure lounge was gate 3. I have seen other people attempting to use this gate before and have laughed a little. But now, my turn to experience the weirdness of a departure lounge in a major international airport that 1.) is tiny, 2.) has its exit gate stuffed in the corner, 3.) is already a cafe and 4.) had had all its chairs and 'normal' tables removed, so that neither cafe customers nor plane about-to-boarders can sit down. Presumably 4.) being the solution to the impossible crowding caused - when everyone arrives - by 1.), 2.) and 3.).

Okay, no more moaning....

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