Sunday, 26 September 2010

turning food shopping into a big deal

Getting a bit worried that I am only writing about (and from the inside of) my new flat - my excuse being a combination of being very busy at work, and the excitement of so many local comings and goings.

I did go out last weekend, trying out one of my standard methods for exploring new places - randomly getting on public transport and finding out what happens at the end of the line. The 24 tram this time, to Novogireevo (pretty ordinary). But really, I was just trying to find a decent cheap supermarket, of which there seems to be a serious dearth around my new location. I did find an okay open-air market en route, but  still had to lug my shopping back a considerable way. So, then on Sunday I ended up taking a 2 hour walk -  again in search of such a supermarket -  this time leading inexorably back to the two good, cheap(ish) food shops near my old flat. Followed by another long walk back with bags.


  1. I never had a problem finding a good supermarket but definitely didn't like having to lug my shopping back home either. To make it somewhat better I ended up going to the supermarket several times a week which was a bit of an inconvenience as well. Luckily I had some friends with a car who helped me out quite a bit. Maybe you could carpool with someone and go to a big store like Ashan and stock up so you don't have to go out as much.

  2. Yes, everyone has been recommending Ashan/ашан ( - and I have even been offered several rides.

    Just worried that I will end up buying far too much stuff (as is my wont) and then having to throw it all away!