Friday, 1 January 2010

Snowballs in Red Square

Had the glorious treat of my daughter and some friends spending (English) Christmas and New Year in Moscow with me. Had planned to wow them with the deep and crisp and even, and with bright skies and cold but clear  days. Of course was stymied by the fact that 1.) it has been snowing heavily in England 2.) Moscow was unseasonally mild, wet and therefore extra slushy 3.) that Moscow is not the easiest of places to get around in whatever weather.

Anyway here we are, exchanging snowballs (photo courtesy of Peter) in front of St Basil's, having arrived too late to visit Lenin, and before we worked out that the only way into the cathedral itself was via a door that very firmly said Exit/выход. (And the cathedral is a must-see inside, if only because it is so unexpectedly unexpected.)

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